Overactive Bladder Problems

If your are looking for a home remedy for overactive bladder problems there are a few suggestions below that may help you. An overactive bladder can be exceptionally inconvenient as well as being a little embarrassing. Unfortunately having this problem can have an undesirable impact and really disrupt your daily routine. Bookmark Bladder Problems

Depending on the severity of the condition overactive bladder problems can range from minor and occasional leakage to incontinence. The problem generally tends to occur in older people although being overweight can put additional pressure on the bladder and in comparison women are more likely to develop the condition than men are.

Home Remedy 1 - Don't Limit liquid intake.

Many people are tempted into doing this as a sort of quick fix solution but it isn't the right path to choose for health reasons.

By all means limit liquid intake from alcohol and caffeine from tea, coffee and soft drinks but it is not a good idea to cut back on water. For example, water is vital for healthy liver and kidney function, which in turn eliminate toxins from the body.

Home Remedy 2 - Exercises for bladder control

A general weakening of the pelvic floor muscles can lead to bladder problems and toning and strengthening these muscles can help if you suffer from an overactive bladder.

These are called Kegel exercises and were invented by gynaecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel. There is an interesting article about this here.

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Overactive Bladder Problems ?
Bladder Problems
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Home Remedy 3 - Changes in lifestyle and diet

As mentioned previously being overweight can place undue stress on your bladder. Making healthier food choices, getting some mild but regular exercise and monitoring your portion control can make a big difference. If this doesn't have any effect on your bladder control problems it certainly won't do you any harm as there are a plethora of other health benefits to be gained by losing weight.

If you are among the many people who suffer from frequent urinary leakage you don't have to simply accept it or put up with it. There are methods available that you can utilise in your daily routine and these can be explained to you by your doctor. Also, by getting sound medical advice you may discover other ailments that need to be addressed such as diabetes.

If you are a diabetic this inhibits your body's ability to properly process sugars which can lead to excess thirst and the need to drink more frequently than usual. If you have elevated blood sugar levels this can also irritate your bladder and can lead to problems. As always if you think you have any kind of medical condition then consult your doctor. Best wishes.

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